AvatarUX Nurtures Christmas Spirit in the Newest Slot Release JinglePop

AvatarUX has gone above and beyond to comply with the Christmas theme and sprinkle the Christmas magic all over the slot gaming industry. Its newest release, JinglePop, brings a lot of gifts and features that can make even the Grinch love Christmas.

Great win potential:

Besides the fantastic gameplay and great features, the slot offers 65,536 different ways to win. The popular company’s PopWins mechanic is also used in the game. It allows the winning symbols to pop and be replaced by two additional symbols, which greatly increases the win potential of the game.

If three, four, or more scatter symbols land, it will unlock the free spins mode. There is also a Rewards Reel mode, which can bring the players various rewards, such as Free Spins, Extra Multipliers, Multiplier Growth, 2×2 Symbols, 2×3 Symbols, Random Wilds, or even High Symbol Value Multiplier.

The symbols can be enhanced and appear as Big or Huge symbols. They can be placed across up to nine cells, which greatly affects the win potential, allowing the players to get some of the great prizes.

If the player gets a wild during the Reward Reels game, the wild can also appear in the Free Spins round, which increases the chances of pops.

Huge multipliers can appear randomly on the reels, and if the player is lucky enough, they can get a multiplier of even 20.000x the base bet.

Impressive portfolio:

AvatarUX is one of the most famous gaming studios in the world. JinglePop is the most recent release, which joins the impressive portfolio of games the company already has. One of the most recent releases, GemPops, is already widely popular among the fans, as well as previous releases Witchy Poppins, Donkey & the GOATS, LooneyPop, and many other thrilling titles. 

The company’s popularity increased because of the innovative PopWins mechanics, which are at the moment one of the most popular features in almost all the company’s recent releases, increasing the win potential and keeping the players on the edge of their seats during the whole game.

The game is, at the moment, available only to the company’s platform, but there are plans to launch the slot globally later in the future.

Nicola Longmuir, CEO at AvatarUX, said: “It’s the season for giving, and we’re giving players a chance to win big in our latest release JinglePop! With innovative Reels Rewards, supersized symbols, and a max win that will become a real treat, it’s a wonderful way for us to herald in the festive season!”

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